VerticalSet is in process of building a great search engine that will make search multiple magnitudes better. A unique approach VerticalSet is taking will benefit not only users but also content providers.


Who is behind this?

A single developer, Amit Ambardekar, at present.

How can you claim to build a complete search engine with limited resources considering you are alone?

I won't. There is already plethora of APIs and open datasets to build a search engine top of it. Just that I am making it easy to build it. And converting it into a platform so that anyone can contribute in the process.

How can I contribute?

Spread the work. Like us on facebook, twitter. If you have ideas to improve VerticalSet, get in touch.

If you really want to take VerticalSet to it's task, wait no more, follow simple wizard to make your dream come true and build your idea right into an extension.

What about my privacy?

You can see privacy policy.