Basic idea behind this effort is to change search engine into a platform. Current implementation is just a start to show how it can be achieved. There is lot of scope for improvement with your feedback.

Don't get limited by what capabilities current platform provides. We can improve it with your feedback.

What makes it different from any other search aggregators

First reaction you will have after seeing this is "It is average search engine. Why would I ever use it." Answer to that question is, at present it is technology demostrator. Even without support of any content providers or any other backing, I developed it myself such that it can support most of your search needs. Consider this as baseline with rapid scope for improvement.

The point is, it lets any developer or any website owner toy with search engine in an effort to make it better, driving traffic to your site at the same time. What you can do with the platform is pretty much limitless given you can execute arbitary javascript for any query. (Smart people have noticed that, giving all extensions access to all queries can be a privacy issue, but there is a technical solution for this along with code reviews. Extension can specify which subset of queries it wants access to but at start I want to give unencumbured access so as to not hinder the innovation.)

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